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seems i can't edit description..
if you have clonedvd you need to play from the beginning, saves won't work
Crack not working. Deleted old saves , reinstalled game , applied this crack. And at chapter 2 , it begins draining health again. So its not good.
thank you SKIDROW you re the best
salutes to you....
Do you have to install with Phoenix 1.2? or can it be installed normally?
Another vote for no good. Halfway through the first drive with Joe, world went desaturated and blurry.
eh never mind, you'd have to install with the skidrow release i suppose.
No way, I think this crack is bad even with skidrow's full release instead of clonedvd. Can someone confirm that the crack is nuked even if you use the full pack from skidrow (if it's even really theirs to begin with)
now im pissed. It deleted my saves and its pure sh1t ...
Maybe then we need wait for a better crack if it start drain laif
I'm installing now and I think I can try to counter the health problem with a trainer from cheathappens.
grow-up kiddos its bad to mock a man that giving away free games!
CH didn't create a trainer for crack version although you need to find a proper crack that compatible with the trainer..and we need to wait for that
Just thought I'd help my friends in need.

The above crack fix seems to fix the issue where the health drops at the beginning of Chapter 2, during the car ride. It seems to be working so far so I'd say all is good. Just download it, and override the files in the same place you put the original crack. Game on fellow pirates!

Maybe yours video memory card is not strong
Mine is 8gb-ram is work fine in start :)
where do i put the crack????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? reply ASAP plz