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RELEASE DATE : 25-08-2010 
GAME TYPE : Action 

Crackfix Notes:

There were a little issue with previous crack. Fixed now!

We apologize!

As a bonus we have included the DLC package called Made Man.

Copy everything to you Mafia II/pc/ folder and overwrite!


Can anyone help me? This is my problem:

When I start Mafia 2 with the cracked *.exe, I get this message: Mafia 2 is not responding. This application will now close.

That happends to me everytime when I try to start it. I downloaded the Mafia II Skidrow game, plus this crackfix. So it should work.

Before I downloaded Mafia II from Skidrow, I downloaded that one from Globe. I had the same error message there :S. That's why I started downloading Mafia 2 from Skidrow since his releases are always nice. So I got the same error message @ two different releasers. Weird isn't it?

What I tried is: reinstalled game, used crackfix, reinstall PhysX, reinstalled videocard driver....

Could anyone give some help? Thanks ;)!
you're pc isn't good enough for the game, that's why it doesn't respond
do you have minimum system requirements ?
reinstall windows is another option
did you forget the directx perhaps?
Can confirm this is the real deal, crackfix WORKS. Thanks!
where did all the save game went??
Using MAFiA.2.2010.CLONEDVD.PC-ELiTE with this Crackfix on W7x64 and the benchmark is not working. Is this problem unique to me, or something others are experiencing?
You going to release the other DLC packs?
Again thanks for this!
Hey i have got the same problem as Flazhp0intX
my pc is powerfull enough to play this game cant seem to find the problem reinstalled several times updated direct x and physix dont know what else to do anyone got a solution for this??
i think i solved the problem...first time i launched the game, i edited the video settings...but now i restored them to default and the game works
My gane freezes frequently for 2-3 seconds and its annoying me now plzz help
Tell me waht to do?
When i click on game it says "PhysX SDK not initialized,PhysX system software will be installed".then i install it and noting happening and always same thing
I have the same problem as ciroza86 "PhysX SDK not initialized, PhysX system software will be installed" and than nothing happens, pls help!!!
Hi guys. Ihave a question. I have downloaded both the game and this crackfix. I haven't started the game yet and i was wondering whether i must first apply the crack and the the crackfix or just the crackfix. What have u done? Is the crackfix a fixed crack or an application that fixes the previous crack?
Hey guys im seeding now but i need getting a comment saying " This application has failed to start because binkw32.dll was not found." Any ideas ??
When i run " pc/Mafia II.exe " it says me app crashed..! and when i run " launcher.exe " or Mafia2.exe " from directory , it says me :- " This application has failed to start because binkw32.dll was not found " . ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO??

i have Windows 7 Ultimate , nVidia 9400 GT - 1 GB , 3 GB DDR2 RAM
i had the same problem. but now its working. just uninstall the nvidia physx and run the game it will install physx by itself. then run the game. it worked for me.
@ everyone with the binkw32.dll error

the problem is that u dont have this dll, it should come with directx so try updateing that, if that doesnt work then u have to dl bink32.dll and put the file with the mafiaII.exe

you can get it from
here's how it worked for me on Win7 ultimate 64bit: make sure you install it to any folder other than the default Program Files on C. I then copied the original crack and the fixed one too (not sure if the first one matters). then right click on the new exe file, run as administrator. it automatically upgraded the PhysX stuff for me and runs as it should :)

when first I installed it to the Program Files folder that was only when I got the missing binkw32.dll error

when I did not run it as administrator that is when I got the "Mafia II has stopped working" error

I hope this helps. and thanks to all for this game, Mafia was my all time favourite and I'm looking forward to this sequel :)
It will not work on Intel HD graphic cards, be sure to have NVIDIA Geforce in your processor