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We decided to release this crackfix, because instead of removing the checks
that the protected executable does, Skidrow left all checks that steam
does in place. Since steam did a very poor job of protecting this game,
there are some serious performance issues on less powerful computers. On
one of our systems the difference in FPS was approximately 50%. Because
the game has a frame limiter in place, it is best noticeable on less
powerful PCs.

As a bonus we made it possible to play in zombie mode with our crack
SKIDROW also released an enabler for this, but their crack crashes when
going back to menu


Indeed, very long black screen on launch. Finally, it launches, but performance seems to be even poorer then with SKIDROW's one. Fail.
doesn't work black screen and memory usage is at 110k holy $hit
Nether one of the 2.97 MB crack fixes work.
I used this crack, actually loading screen is not laggin anymore but in game, it's hella lagging
AiTB please upload the Shaun White Skateboarding pc version crack, I have the clone dvd of that game but can't run that game due to crack unavailability. I will be grateful if you upload it
seeding nao!!!
What is with the lag ever couple seconds???? I thought it was my pc til i tried all my other games. Sad to say, poorer performance than skidrows which as has lots of lag.
man skidrow makes my favorite hacks and i trust they will make a fix because they are that awesome :)
why don't you all go and get your hard earned money back if your not happy, oh wait a min.....

Some fuckin people don't even deserve to breath, ungrateful little twats......

Thanks skidrow, reloaded, fairlight, etc etc, for helping me play thousands of pounds worth of games, would like to say not all of us are moaning, ungrateful little cunts.....
B.T.W any of you moaners never stop to think yo computers shit?

just a thought:-]]
what was wrong with the skidrow crack in the forst place? it was working fine. though i didnt try the MP.
The problem I get is just a long black screen before anything loads using reloaded's crack whilst skidrows loads normally. Though I do hope reloaded fix that little problem and i'll be happy.

...saddly we all have to wait for a proper release since they fucked it up...bad ...thx AiTB for upload but the crack is nuked...don't waste time on thisone even with highend pc's ...aloha^^

[NUKE] Call.of.Duty.Black.Ops.Crackfix-RELOADED (

Still No Good............the Game Stills Lags.......
@Kecman91 Well for many of us, the FPS performance is really low. Slow load times and such. Now apparently it isn't the case for some (like you), but it has been a very common problem, even for legit installers. Treyarc themselves address the problem on their site and stated they are working on patches. I think they already put some out there.

Anyways, I myself am waiting on a fix for this. The game is almost (almost) unplayable. My computer is perfectly capable of running this game with OK FPS. But so far has not been the case.
don't even try downloading... its a waste

I'll download skidrow update 1 :)
it s working i can believe game work perfect now and zombie mod thanks very why dont find this early