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2010-11-15 14:08:01 GMT

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (c) EA

Region : NTSC
Languages: English
Size : 1 DVD
Genre : RACING
Platform : XBOX 360
Date : 15 November 2010


is this a ap2.5 game
Awesome Speed but please post RF when it comes out ....waited so long !!!
The game has been shipped to suppliers & many stores so anyone working in those places can get it earlier than release.
Plus it is on sale now in stores across America

I got my Pal Version this morning from local video shop (Mate works there & they got em today) but I don't have a drive in PC to be able to copy original disc's..... Sorry :(
Yo, I got news for y'all. C4EVA promised the new LT+ will be released before Christmas.
The new LT+ will have real time checks for AP25, protecting you from it on Xbox Live, while effectively reading the game. No ETA as of this time, but expect a release before Christmas.
All disc read errors will be fixed and you will be safe on Live. Y'all should go grab Call of Duty Black Ops as it is non AP25 and should read on current ixtreme LT 1.0 and 1.1!!!
Peace out bitches!!
thanks for the upload, always the best, i have aquestion, dont want to pressure or nothing. when are you uploading this game and AC Brotherhood for PC??? thanks. Ps. pardon my english.
hey do it run just writting on disk
i asked because i down loaded a game but it didnt runed on writing n playing
does some thing should be done
i have xbox 360 core system
please answer me n mail please at [email protected]
i also get unreadable.

have burned meny games before. just like now. but have never got eny errors like this.

what to do?

esc_cos at 2010-11-17 09:41 CET:
have now also updated my xbox.
true my xboxlive. but cant get it to work.

just a few days ago i played call of duty black ops with no problem what so ever.

so what is different with this need 4 speed game?

This game will work u need new LT Plus Flash & ABGX360 V1.0.4 it will patch ap25 games if u have ABGX360 V1.0.3 or older it wont patch ap25 & ur wasting dl discs I have a benq
Hey All,
Downloaded this game... You have got to make
sure you patch this with the latest abgx 360
and make sure you download all of the stealth
iso's and put them in your abgx stealth file folders as this is an AP.25 game... Which if you do not patch it properly it will not work and will send a flag to the good people "Microfucks" and they will ban your xbox from live.... The game
works excellent my appreciation to the uploader
Aitb has been here since i came here years ago
and love his uploads... Thank you bro... You are
one of the best... The game works flawless... I have a Benq drive in my old 2006 xbox and the
game performs as promised... The upload is a
10 the game, Well i rate it a 5 it is the same old
same old... and a police force with a bugatti Veyron?!?!??!?!?! Come on Sheesh thats a
stretch..... Anyways Great game and make sure
you all patch this thing properly....

Have a good one!

does it work with NTSC/j ??
u say this is for NTSC will it work with NTSC/j ??
@Aitb is this ( NTSC/U and NTSC/J both )
@dan2183 i checked it on agbx website this game comes in only 2 kind of dvds pal and ntsc(both UandJ)
disc is fine i have installed the game but still says unreadable i have ixtreme1.6 !!
is this ssv2 or where can i find one
This game downloaded just fine but out of all the games I downloaded & burnt so far this is this only one where it asks for a "console update" in order for it to be playable. Will this do any harm to my xbox 360 b/c it has been modded!? I recently had my xbox modded so it's the latest firmware. Is this safe to play. I don't have xbox Live either so I'm not worried about getting banned or anything like that. Please respond whenever you get a second. THANKS!
my360 playes coppy games but the new need 4 speed wont work, ,it comes up errors,i have the abgx360 gui but still not work , help anyone plz